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Infinite Properties, LLC


The Smarter Way To Invest


invest to upgrade your lifestyle

Provide passive income to allow you to design your life on your own terms?​

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Do your current investments:

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Give you tax advantages to lower your tax burden?

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Offer protection against the deteriorating effects of inflation?

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Include resistance to market recessions that can set you back?

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Produce superior risk-adjusted returns so you can build wealth faster?

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Enjoy lower volatility for your peace of mind?

If you haven’t found an investment with all of this, you may want to...

with us

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an experienced and professional investment firm
all at your service

Infinite Properties is a privately held real estate investment company specializing in the acquisition, optimization and disposition of multifamily properties located in emerging markets through the United States. 

We partner with qualified investors allowing them to invest into a relatively complicated investment vehicle in a completely passive way.

Long-term wealth building opportunities
exist in multifamily investments

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We specifically target domestic markets that are positioned for growth due to job creation, household formation, positive net migration and other economic drivers.

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These conditions help boost rental demand leading to increases in occupancy and market rent growth thereby creating property income gains. 



We have been investing in real estate since 2000. Initially, we focused on single-family residential real estate.  This really allowed us to build a solid foundation for real estate investing and helped us gain valuable knowledge and skills. 

From there, we branched into several commercial asset classes such as office, industrial, self-storage and also have some experience with land.  We’ve had our fair share of mistakes and have learned many things along the way. 

Over the years, we’ve really gotten a chance to develop our investment philosophy.  It’s no secret that multifamily is the darling of all commercial real estate asset classes.  Multifamily offers many opportunities to increase revenues, decrease expenses, add ancillary income streams and optimize property performance. 

In addition, favorable debt structures and resistance to recessionary downturns have become some of the reasons behind our decision to specialize in multifamily.  There is just no other asset class that compares. Nothing can offer higher returns on a risk-adjusted basis.

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